Good Bi Summer!

BiVisible and LGBT Health Forum Bristol bring you a fantastic fun-filled event to promote awareness of the upcoming Bi Visibility Day (23/09) as well as the sorts of issues faced by our community.


The Pheonix Pub, Bristol

Saturday 20th September, 12-6


There will be a lovely buffet, drinks offers, tunes, fun & games, a craft workshop and lots of information about bi people’s experiences with mental health, biphobia and invisibility, including material from our wonderful researcher friend Dr. Nikki Hayfield.

Come along, be visible and bring your friends, allys and colleagues! It’s FREE!good bi summer


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Thankyou and goodnight

Dear Bi people

It is with regret that I must sign off as the ‘person in charge’ at Bivisible Bristol. It’s been a good couple of years with lots for us all to be proud of, but due to some personal difficulties I’m experiencing, I no longer feel I can act as a person of responsibility or do a good job for the group. Thanks to everyone who’s helped me out. For a while at least my friend and colleague Jo Seward will be taking the helm. She is a feminist and proud bi person who has been a great spokesperson for Bivisible and I think she’ll do an excellent job. I will try to give Jo access to this blog as soon as possible, but in the meantime find us on Facebook. With regards the Bi Lives series, this will hopefully continue after a short break.

Cheers all.



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The Bi Lives discussion group begins this week at our old meet-up venue Cafe Kino. Come join us on Thursday July 18th at 7pm. Here is some more information:

Come and discuss what the bi commuity in Bristol is all about and the issues affecting our lives.

At this session we are really interested to hear your thoughts on bisexuality and language. For a long time now some philosophers and literary theorists have proposed that language does not reflect reality or get it’s meaning from the world – rather the opposite; Reality is in large part constructed by language and how we use it, and it is our use of language that determines meaning in our lives. How do these sorts of ideas inform the way we understand bisexuality and our bi lives?

Some questions could include

How does the world speak about bi?

How does bi complicate the language we use, in the LGBT scene or otherwise?

What does ‘bi’ mean to you?

How has your own language changed since coming out as bi or becomming involved in the bi community?

So, if you have any thoughts on these questions, or questions of your own, please do join us on Thursday and help us start to build up our knowledge and understanding of bi lives in Bristol. We’d love to hear from you and everyone is welcome :)

Nicholas XX

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BVB at Bristol Pride

Bivisible Bristol is taking part in our fair city’s Pride Parade this year!

Show your bi pride and come join us. Look out for the purple-clad contingent at the commencement of the parade in Queen Square. We’ll probably have a bi flag!

All the gubbins here

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Bivisible Fixtures

Hello all

Here are some dates for your diaries. Bivisible events happening over the next few weeks.

ImageMeet-ups at The Watershed, Bristol:

Monday May 27th, 7-9pm

Monday June 10th, 7-9pm

Monday June 24th, 7-9pm

Monday July 8th, 7-9pm

Monday July 22nd, 7-9pm


Bivisible Extra Events:

Bi Lives Discussion Group is a new discussion based meeting from Bivisible, focusing on new topics each week that affect us as bi people. We hope to hold the first meeting on Thursday July 18th. We will hopefully be meeting up on our old stomping ground at Cafe Kino, Bristol, around 7pm – more details will be available soon.


Bi Brunch

Saturdays June 1st and July 6th, 11am at Cafe Amore, Broadmead, Bristol – another great opportunity to meet and network with bis and allies, only with more panini involved!

See y’all soon

Nicholas xxx

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Meet-ups: latest


Meet ups happen every 2nd Monday of the month and every 4th Monday of the month 7pm-9pm!

Bivisible Bristol meets in The Bird Cage on Corn Street.  We normally manage to update the blog section of this website about a day or two before as well.

We’ll also be meeting at Cafe Kino on Stokes Croft once a month for a ‘discussion special’. More details soon!

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Up-coming Bivisible events: Meet-up March 28th

Hello Bivisibles!

For some time we’ve been wondering whether our usual meet-up spot at Cafe Kino is still suitable. As our group is growing in numbers, it may be more practical to try somewhere with a bit more space. So our next meet-up on March 28th will be at The Birdcage in the centre of Bristol. No it’s not a massage parlor, it’s a groovy coffee shop with a side line in vintage threads. Check it out

So, we hope to see you there, usual time 7-9. If we like it, perhaps we’ll make it our permanent spot.

Plus, this coming Tuesday 19th it’s Club Greedy, our award-winning bi night at the QueenShilling Bristol. It’s going to be an evening of funky tunes and fabulous company so come and join us from 9pm bi people everywhere!

Till then, stay visible xxx

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