Bi Homework

Hello all, my co-chair and I were completely convinced it was Bivisible Bristol tomorrow, but according to the 2nd and 4th rule, our next official meeting is not until next week. So, in lieu of a real meeting I have a bi-related task for you.

You may have heard the government is consulting on equal marriage – ie extending ‘marriage’ to same-sex partners rather than using the current system of civil partnerships for same sex couples and marriage for different sex couples.

You can read about the consultation and respond to it online here.

Organisations and individuals can respond to the consultation which ends in June.

Bi activist Jen (who edits Bi Community News) is putting together a response on behalf of bisexual organisations in the UK, similar to Stonewall’s organisational response.

So, your homework is to have a look at the consultation (it’s long and once you’ve read the pre-amble you can just skip to Annex B which has the set of questions the government want people to respond to. I would suggest also reading Stonewall’s response (much shorter!) so that you can see the kinds of thoughts that equalities groups might have to the questions.

When we next meet, we’ll be having a chat about all of your thoughts as bi people regarding the prospect of marriage for same sex couples (and civil partnerships for opposite sex couples?)

So, would anybody like to have an ‘extra’ meeting tomorrow to begin this conversation and then we can be very welcoming to the hundreds of new people that are coming to the group on the 12th? Let’s meet at Cafe Kino, then we could move up the road to The Social for a drink at 8pm. Let me know your thoughts in the comments or drop me an email or message the Facebook group.

See you soon!

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